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Congratulations to all the Leadership Academy students that attended their launch day at Blackland Farm on Wednesday 24th February 2010.

The students got off to a 'flying start' in the morning, taking part in 'All Aboard', 'High Logs' and 'Problem Solving', lots of fun was had and even a few fears were conquered!

This was the first time the Academy students had met each other, and Year 10 students from all of our Partnership Schools attended; St Paul's, Oakmeeds, Downlands, Warden Park, Sackville, Imberhorne and Oathall.

The students spent the afternoon planning festivals that will be delivered for our link Primary schools during the Summer Term.

We are delighted with the Academy students and are certain 'great things' will come from them!

Miss Gyngell, Mr Franks and Mr Hill.


Congratulations to Jenny Woodhouse, Phill Stagg, and Alice Pinder who finished as the top 3 in the first ever leader league. The league was set up by Steve Hill, SSCO for Imberhorne, to give recognition to the fantastic work and effort put in by the brilliant Imberhorne sports leaders.

Jenny and Alice mainly contributed within the sport of netball, whilst Phill made a major contribution to the Primaryship Football League with the local primary schools. The top prize of £50 worth of sports vouchers went to Jenny, the second prize of £30 to Phill, and Alice received £20 for coming third in the league.

They were all a massive help in making sure the Imberhorne School Sports Programme was such a success last year!

Sport Leaders from Imberhorne Secondary School and Play leaders from Halsford Park Primary School teamed up for a day of skipping coaching on Friday 11th September.

As part of the primary school's initiative to increase the quality of provision for children at breaktimes, the leaders enjoyed a joint session with Harold Galley, a coach from Skipping Workshops, Lisa Page from Halsford Park and Miss Hughes from Imberhorne.

The Leaders then had to put their new knowledge into practice by teaching these skipping games to every class from Halsford Park.

The sessions were much enjoyed and have already had an impact on the playtime experience for many children, sparking their enthusiasm for these energetic and sociable games.


Below are some of the comments from Imberhorne Sports Leaders who helped out at the Parallel Youth Games (2009):

“I really enjoyed helping at the Parallel Youth Games and it was nice to help entertain those who are less fortunate than us. I learnt how you had to adapt the game depending on the disability such as the ramp in new age curling and I also learnt that a simple game can still be really fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my day on Wednesday, it was really good.”

“I was working with the tennis group which meant we were scoring the game, collecting the balls and also running errands. I found the day really interesting and would like to do it again sometime. I thought that the day went really well and I feel that the participants enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of the day. The participants were all really polite and thankful for us helping them (they kept telling us). Thank you for taking us.”

“I thought that the session went well as we were all organized and listened well to the sports coordinators. I think that we were friendly to the children and respected them. I learned how to help the children if they were having difficulties with the curling and it was worth the hard work when they got it right.”

Community Sports Leader Award by Danielle Rouse

I am a sixth former at Imberhorne School, studying, History, German, English, Economics and involved in the CSLA course (community Sports Leader Award). Read more

An open letter to East Grinstead Primary schools....


This is just a brief letter to thank you for coming to the multi skill event on Wednesday 6th May. I would like to wish you as a school a big thank you, for the behaviour your children showed throughout the day. It helped the day be a positive one, and made it enjoyable not just for them but for us the sports leaders too. They really did represent the school well!

I hope from the day that the children learnt a new range of fundamental skills, in which they may be able to use in the future. Our aim for the day was to get the children involved in a variety of activities that would be different to those that they may be used to.

We added an element of competitiveness to the activities, through a point scoring system, which enabled the children to compete with their friends, but also to inspire them to improve their ability.

As CSLA students we think the children’s behaviour really helped our JSLA students and I feel they would have learnt a lot form this experience. This was demonstrated by them running their own exercise by the end of the day.

I would like to say a big thank you from the Imberhorne CSLA and JSLA sports leaders for making the day so successful and I hope that we will see you in the multi-skills event next year.

Yours Sincerely
The CSLA team